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A Nite's design makes this difficult. The boom is above your head and would interfere with any fixed design.  Boats with roll cages are generally designs allowing the boom to swing in front of the sailor (older Skeeters).  A seat belt or 5 point harness would accompany a roll cage in any other vehicle.  Several years ago I witnessed a Nite flip from directly behind the boat.  The sail acted like a parachute slowing the impact. The boat was tight to windward and went over maintaining that point of sail. The sailer remained in the cockpit and had to "fall out" to get out.  The mast did not break and there was zero damage.

 A mast that is a bit tougher would help. An inch of Neoprene at the Mast tip would reduce the shock of a crash.  Not so good for racing though.

Check your stays and look your whole boat over after any crash.