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Nite Land Sailor
— by Howard Haupt Howard Haupt
A well sorted Nite converted to a land sailor.
New sails with areas of 79, 59, 49, and 39 square feet, including the mast area.
Has stock Nite mast, and a 8" wing mast.
Padded cockpit cushions (tan) and cockpit cover.
Items needed to convert it back to a class legal Nite are:
   Runners and chocks, front spring board, boom, current Nite sail, and possible
   replacement of rear plank.
This Nite is buttercup yellow and located in San Diego California.
Possible transportation back to Mid-West, by ice boaters attending the  
   America's Landsailing Cup in March 2018.  Provide they have room on there
   trailer to do you a favor.
Selling price is $1,985.
Call Howard at 858 272-5656 or email
Hope you have good ice this winter!